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Biomass, an opportunity for our forests

Biomass, an opportunity for our forests

Biomass, an opportunity for our forests
Année : 2015
Auteur(s) : PEREZ PALAZON R.
Référence : T. XXXVI, n°2, 2015, pp. 121-126.

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The conservation of Mediterranean forests, besides the usual problems such as wild fires and pests due to the adverse weather and aggravated by climate change, has to overcome a major barrier, the necessary but costly forest management. Biomass has been a breath of fresh air just recently, as a key collaborator financing forestry works, which have been traditionally performed by the inhabitants of our mountain villages since ancient times. The PROFORBIOMED project was the first step in the implementation of the value chain of an abandoned resource in our forests, as biomass is, and has set the foundations for the development of the bioenergy sector in the Mediterranean area. At present, we are seizing the opportunities offered by the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and the European Cooperation Programmes. In this context, several plans have been drafted, as for instance the “Forestry bioenergy plan of the Region of Murcia”. This plan can be used as a model to any Mediterranean region, and when carried out it will show how it is a valuable tool to boost the forestry sector in the region. The initiative is described briefly in the present article.

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