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State of mediterranean forests in 2013

State of mediterranean forests in 2013

State of mediterranean forests in 2013
Année : 2013
Auteur(s) : BRIENS M., GARAVAGLIA v.
Référence : T. XXXIV, n°4, 2013, pp. 251-256.

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Forest ecosystems and other wooded lands contribute significantly to rural development, poverty alleviation and food security. They are sources of wood, cork, energy, food and incomes, and important ecosystem services which are crucial for many of the region's economic sectors. Global changes which strongly affect the Mediterranean region could lead to the loss of biodiversity, an increased risk of wildfire, the degradation of watersheds, and desertification, with serious consequences for the sustainable provision of forest goods and ecosystem services. It is therefore urgent to develop a tool for information and monitoring in order to regularly assess these changes and to communicate based on objective and reliable data with the different stakeholders involved in the management of Mediterranean forest ecosystems.

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